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Customise your boat

 At Arran Workboats, we realise you might have a need for a specialised boat to perform a specific task. We can customise virtually everything above deck level to allow you to achieve your goal. From removable doors in the gunwales to hydraulic winches and specialised rear frames. Need a bigger console? large fuel tanks, samson posts for towing? No problem, they can all be designed and fitted to your exact requirements.


Here is a tiny selection of the possible ways you can customise your build.


Call or email to discuss your requirements.

Marine alloy cabin with "Clearview" screen & remote control LED searchlight mounted to the starboard side of the hull

A small side mounted console with seating on an extra large rear locker. This boat also featured removable side doors in the gunwales and aft mounted fuel tanks in lockable housings.

Stainless steel tow post and 'H' frame for carrying ropes from larger vessels to moorings, all removable.

This boat was fitted with a stainless steel engine guard and samson posts for hip towing in a marina.

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