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Integral Man Overboard Recovery (M.O.B)

The Arran Workboats boarding ladder allows personnel in the water an easy and safe method of re-boarding the boat without requiring assistance from within the boat itself. Ideal for  single operators or a situation where one or all of the crew ended up in the water. The ladder can be fitted to either side of the boat during construction (or both) and retracts in seconds after use.


 The ladder can be retro-fitted to most small craft  and built into Arran Workboats HDPE Workboats during construction.


  •      Designed for single operator use
  •      Perfect for diving boats
  •      Deploy and reboard in seconds
  •      Easily deployed from the water
  •      Rigid ladder is much easier to climb
  •      Fit to almost any small craft & can be suppplied ready fitted to our workboats


  • Call 01770-700362 or email for pricing or details

This video amply demonstrates ease of use and speed that the MOB ladder can be deployed, used and stowed.  Ladders can be fitted to our entire range of HDPE workboats and even retro fitted to other craft such as RIB's (call for pricing and details).



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