AWB785 7.85metre workboat


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HDPE Workboats

Designed and built on the Isle of Arran, Scotland. These rugged workboats are customised to suit your exact needs and we can supply a bare hull for customer fitting or to a full turnkey package complete with MCA certification.


Hulls CE certified


Turnkey packages can be MCA coded if required


Deck layout can be customised to your requirements and the boat can be supplied complete with road trailer if required.


Rugged, safe workboats ideal for use on fish farms, coastal surveys, dive boats and general harbour duties HD polystyrene in the tubes and below deck makes our boats virtually unsinkable.


Can be supplied fitted with our Boarding Ladder [Ideal for single operator use]


Standard Features on all our boats.......


  •     Hull and tubes filled with HD polystyrene
  •     Removable gate in gunwales to aid recovery of divers
        or items from the water.
  •     Above deck layout can be customised to your

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